Blue Fever Pictures
The Blue Fever Blues come Spangle. This is a two
year-old and heads up the Spangle Family at Blue
Fever Farms.
I love the Spangle Blues; they all stand proud with fire
eyes! This is a Mclanahan Blue Cock! He is ready to
head up your brood pen.
This is a pure cock. We bred him as a Stag, and this
year we bred him as a Cock. He just looks too good.
You can see the pride in his eyes.
This one will be sold as a brood cock.
Take a look at this beauty!
A Pure Blue Fever Blue Cock
Mclanahan Blue Cross
A White Hackle Blue Cross Cock.
A stag for next year, if he is still here. They sell real fast.
I have 24 of these Hatch Blue Stags left. The Pure
Blue Fever Blues come Spangle, Brown Red,
Classic Blue, Pyle, and Lemon Neck Red.
This is my favorite Stag on the whole yard.
I was wrong, this is my favorite. He is just a little
camera shy.
There, I got him to pose. He is just perfect!!
This Mclanahan Blue Stag is a perfect specimen.
This Pyle Cock was fought three times and killed in the Great Chicken Raid of 2002.  We had a huge varmint
problem and lost over 200 cocks and stags.  We now have a fence that would keep Charlie Manson in and
all of the Varmints out. We also have two of the best Dogs in the world. We got them from Bobby Jones and
they are the answer to our prayers.  Anyone, or thing, crazy enough to take these dogs to task can have all
of the chickens they want.
Pictures Posted January 2007
This Pumpkin Blue is a real beauty. Recognize this picture or print? It is a famous Blue
Picture that is in my study. My study should be submitted to the Blue Rooster Hall of Fame.
This Spangle Blue is a huge winner. The Spangles are some of my favorites. Notice the
“Red Legs”, most of the Spangles come with red legs and white spurs. They all have fire red
This Pumpkin Pea Head is a crossbreed. In 1990, I got some McClean Hatch from my friend Curtis Blackwell
and crossed them into the Blues. I don’t have many left. They weren’t that great, however, they did come
from my good friend.
This is Handsome; he is the last survivor of the 13 stags that I sent to Curtis Blackwell. He has not been
producing for some time, as he is now 16 years old.  He also does not look like this anymore, however ugly
he is, I just can’t kill him.  
I called this Blue Fever Cock Jordan, short for Michael Jordan. He was one of the most acrobatic cocks that
I have ever owned.
This Blue Fever Cock is Master Blaster.  He is now living on Percy’s yard.  I thought he was too old to
reproduce but Percy did not want me to kill him. I gave him to Percy and he gave him a Viagra and he is now
in his third breeding season at Percy’s place. I am sure I will be buying back his offspring.  
Stags are always my favorite. They are just beautiful to look at and watch when the come to
their courage and develop their plumage. The Blue Fever Cocks come Lemon Red, Chocolate
Blue, Pyle, Spangle, Brown Red, Black, and Classic Blue. The Stags below are Red and Pyle.
More Stags, a Chocolate Blue and a Red. I just love the Stags. If I had my way, all my Stags
would be made into portraits. They are the most beautiful, proud and bravest youngsters in
the world. Our Cock House is in the background.
The Pyles are beautiful in the late winter and spring; however the Houston, Texas humidity,
the white plumage doesn’t last long. We think the way they look is one of the things that
keeps us so happy with our Blue Fever Blues. We try not to breed the Pyles, however, they
keep on coming.
How would you like to own this guy? He is a McClanahan and Blue Fever Blue Cross.  They
just don’t get any finer than he is, PERFECT in every way!!! We can’t stop making them, so
we have to sell some.
My Partner, R.L. Bishop, pictured above with a couple of the 17 beautiful Blue Fever Blue
Cocks, bred at the Oklahoma Facility. RL and I have been friends since I was about 12 years
old and he was about 25.  As you can see, we have been friends for many years. Blue Fever
Blues really are the greatest Blue Cocks in the World.
Pictures Posted on April 19, 2007
All rights reserved.
Pictures Posted on March 24, 2008
Lemon Neck Blue
Spangle Blue Stag
Spangle Blue
Red Blue
Blue Brood Pen
Dark Blue Pullets
Pyle Pullet
Pyle Brood Pen
Dark Blue Brood Pen